Marcelo Viaggi Comfort Car Liguria by Alban Briceno Edgar Rodrigo

It is a driver-fitted car rental company based in Genoa, offering transfers in the city and beyond. Active for some years now, Marcelo Viaggi Comfort Car Liguria is now a well-established and appreciated reality in the NCC panorama in Genoa, mostly thanks to the high quality of its services. Providing a private taxi service in Genoa means guaranteeing its customers a high-end car, quality and convenience but, above all, a service with attention to every detail. Marcelo Viaggi Comfort Car Liguria offers its customers transfers with elegant private cars, to and from the airport, the port and any other destination they wish. Those who turn to a private driver in Genoa definitely have certain expectations, needing an exclusive service that is worthy of its appropriate expectations, and will not be satisfied with a simple car transfer.

The drivers involved in the Private Taxi service in Genoa with Marcelo Viaggi Comfort Car Liguria are professionals with a long driving experience, perfect connoisseurs of roads and routes, both in and out of the city, chosen after careful selection. Not only their driving skills and the ability to ensure the absolute safety of passengers, two key and basic elements for a driver, but also discretion, problem-solving and the ability to adapt to all kinds of situations possible during a transfer become decisive elements for the choice. In fact, all of Marcelo Viaggi Comfort Car Liguria's drivers have successfully passed each test and have been integrated into the team: beautiful cars are not enough when the human element is missing, something indispensable in this endeavor. About cars, the fleet available to this NCC company in Genoa is composed of top-of-the-range sedans, continuously renewed to offer all customers a service of absolute excellence.

Having elegant and refined cars is an important plus for our service, something appreciated by customers who like to travel comfortably and with style. In addition to the sedans, mostly German, employed by us for the airport transfer in Genoa and beyond, we also have a small 7 seats van to be used for groups or customers traveling with heavy luggage, such that a sedan would not be enough to contain it all. Our cars, all of them, comply with all safety features imposed by law, are in compliance with all European standards and are regularly brought to specialist repair shops for routine checks: safety is the key of our private taxi service in Genoa. However, the Genoa-based driver-fitted car rental Marcelo Viaggi Comfort Car Liguria does not operate exclusively in the capital and its metropolitan area, since the agency's drivers are available for transfers throughout the region, from Levante to Ponente, as well as for trips over the Ligurian borders for customers who request such service. Indeed, in addition to airport and port transfers, we also offer guided tours for discovering the region's beauties, landscape, food and wine, shopping tours, business trips and any other service involving the use of a private driver in Genoa.

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